Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

In manufacturing, reverse engineering makes it possible to produce, or reproduce. objects using the physical object itself as a guide. The process is only possible with an accurate and high resolution 3D scanner to gather data from the object's surface. With 3D scanning from peel 3D, you can get going in a matter of minutes.

Person 3D scanning under the hood of a car. Reverse engineering on a car part

Never run out of spare parts again

Reverse engineering with 3D Scanning:
The solution for pepairing, petrofitting, and future design reference

Don’t let broken or unavailable parts hold you back. With reverse engineering, you can easily recreate any physical object as a 3D model and recover its design

Here’s how it works:
First, we use advanced 3D scanning technology to capture precise measurements and scan the object. Then, using intelligent software, we clean up the scans, ensuring smooth and detailed results. The final step involves creating a reference CAD model that can be 3D printed or manufactured through traditional methods.

Why choose 3D scanning?
It’s the first step in repairing broken or worn-out parts that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s also ideal for retrofitting products or building a digital inventory for future design reference.

Say goodbye to scarcity and hello to endless possibilities!
With Peel 3D scanners, you can expect high-quality scans and user-friendly software that makes it easy to clean up your scans before importing them into your preferred CAD software.

0.1 mm

The level of detail you can 3D scan with Peel 3D scanners


Number of measurements per second


Number of output formats, among them stl and obj

0.500 mm/m

Volumetric accuracy based on part size

Peel 3D portfolio

Peel 3

Ergonomic 3D scanner with unparalleled ease of use, improved resolution and better performance with objects and colors.

«The 3D scanner allows us to do the difficult tasks much quicker. We can draw directly in the mesh a few minutes after we have completed the scan, and use it as a reference”

Tor Arne Kvia, KVIA Enginneering

Watch how we create something remarkable for his custom-built car by using Peel 3D Scanner.

Watch it here

Watch how Kvia Engineering benefits from the Peel 3D Scanner

Kvia Engineering is fueled by the expertise and passion of Tor Arne Kvia, a professional drift driver.
With a clear vision in mind, he embarked on the journey of creating something extraordinary for his custom-built car, and we were eager to join forces and assist him in this.

3D scanning for:

Reverse engineering

3D scan defunct or broken parts, edit and 3D print for spare parts on demand or custom made parts.

Human scanning

3D scan to design and 3D print personalized orthoses and prosthetics for better fit.

Art preservation

3D scan and store invaluable objects or 3D print objects to create stunning, authentic replicas.

Product design

Reverse engineer existing parts, digitalize handmade models, carry out simulations, and more.

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