3D printers for production and end-use parts

3D printing for production

As 3D printing technologies have matured it is now a technology that is used for the manufacturing of high quality production parts with consistent quality and optimized performance.

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Utilizing 3D printing for production parts

The 3D printing of end-use parts is the fastest growing application area, with many well-know brands, such as BMW and Airbus, leading the way. It is particularly suitable for the production of parts with complex geometries, where traditional manufacturing methods require several expensive production phases or lower volumes, or where other technologies aren’t cost effective.

OEMs utilize 3D printing for bridge manufacturing. This allows short-run production and faster market launches, while production lines and tooling are developed for mass production.

New optimized product designs allow parts to perform more efficiently and products that traditionally require assembly of multiple parts can be combined.

The 3D printing team at PLM Group has several years of experience with helping companies find the optimal 3D printing solution for production needs in both metal and plastics. We work with the world’s leading brands to ensure you get a 3D printing solution that fits your needs.

Customer cases and production applications


Bowman International

Bowman International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plain bearings in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. By 3D printing certain components, the company is optimizing design and performance. For end-users, this means less maintenance, as well as easier repairs and assembly.

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Digital Mechanics AB

“The reason we invested in HP MJF is that HP has made it possible for us to deliver large quantities of parts that also look aesthetically good for the client. And the high speed is the best advantage that we see for this technology.“

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We have more than 5,000 satisfied customers.

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