Collaborating and integrating product data

Get your design data under control and improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development. SAZINĀTIES AR MUMS

Reusing product data

  • Increasing Value from Product Legacy Assets
  • Start new projects faster by easier access to existing data
  • Reduce design decision risks by better leveraging previous work
  • Historical overview of your product data

Sharing product data

  • Rapidly expand your collaboration environment
  • Provide zero-cost platform to communicate interactive product data to non-engineering stakeholders
  • Improve processes and communication
  • Achieve one “Single Source of Truth”
  • Eliminate expensive and time-consuming managing of legacy data throughout the Supply Chain
  • Enable distributed collaboration

Data automation and system integration

  • Easy access to product Information
  • All product enterprise data in a single environment
  • Enable information sharing with existing systems and departments
  • Exchange of Product structures and information

BOM management

  • Enable information sharing with all departments
  • Centralized management of BOMs
  • Automated BOM creation

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SolidWorks and PDM enable us to design production-ready products very fast. Our development process is short and highly structured and the intelligent combination of 3D CAD and PDM ensures very high quality in our new designs.

Mika Särkkä, CAD Administrator

Rocla Oy
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