How to use MySolidWorks?

Do you spend time on searching info about SOLIDWORKS from Google or YouTube?

All the answers are available in MySolidWorks. All, you need to do, is to log in. MySolidWorks is free and accessible for everyone.

Our consultant Mikkel Marott has prepared a small video guide for you about using MySolidWorks.

You can see it here:


What is MySolidWorks?
MySolidWorks is a place, where SOLIDWORKS has gathered all its blogs, forums, Twitter tweets, Youtube videos, SPR-s (Software Performance Reports) and SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.
In addition you can find here 767 training videos, which can be downloaded and which you can use to watch and practice at the same time.

If you need to find a certain manufacturing company, then it is easy to do via MySolidWorks. You find here CNC and sheet metal companies, mould makers and other production companies. If you are a manufacturer yourself, add your company here so that SOLIDWORKS users around the world could find you.

MySolidWorks has 3 different levels:

1. MySolidWorks, which is free for everyone.
2. MySolidWorks Standard, which unlocks more content and which you can access if having SOLIDWORKS license on active subscription.
3. MySolidWorks Professional, which guarantees an access to entire content and which has fixed cost. (MySolidWorks Professional is accessible with SOLIDWORKS license on active subscription).

For more info about MySolidWorks, contact us


Mikkel Marott

Consultant, MySolidWorks