Mencke & Vagnby

Great precision of designs
SolidWorks is strong when handling many complex parts
Easier communication with photorealistic renderings

”SolidWorks is especially strong when you have to handle
many complex parts which have to fit together in one
assembly. We made a detailed and accurate design of the
rather complex structure of the lamp, while we at the
same time have been absolutely certain that it could be


Since the founding in 2004, Mencke & Vagnby have been a Copenhagen, based internationally-oriented design company. The two owners have worked to develop industrial products, furniture, transport solutions and architecture.


Until 2007 Mencke & Vagnby used exterior drawing capacity, but then they decided
to buy a 3D CAD system to do all their development work and SolidWorks was
the obvious choice, says Marcus Vagnby: ”The ability to do model complex items and precision of design were crucial. Furthermore, we design a lot of products where we need to edit the models. In this context the built-in history in SolidWorks models is a wonderful tool. Finally, it is very easy to disseminate information using the tools of the CAD system. We use both 3D models and photorealistic visualizations of our products in the communications with our manufacturers and customers.”