Pemamek Oy Ltd.

3D files from 3DVIA Composer are easy to work with
Higher customer satisfaction with better documentation
Great integration between SolidWorks and 3DVIA Composer

”We have just implemented the system, and we use only a small corner of it, so we do not know yet where the road will take us. The system has countless opportunities and we can obviously expand our use of it further.”


Pemamek is the world’s leading supplier of PEMA high-tech solutions for mechanization and automation of welding as well as handling issues during the welding process. Pemamek has previously relied on text-based technical documentation, which in recent years was supplemented with photos but gradually it became clear that the company needed to improve the quality of the documentation.


Mika Liinanotko explains that Pemamek chose 3DVIA Composer for various reasons. ”We have been using SolidWorks 3D CAD for 10 years and we have been very pleased with the support from PLM Group. We chose 3D VIA Composer partly because of support and partly because of the integration between the two products.” 3D files from 3DVIA Composer are easy to work with for our service people because it requires no special knowledge of CAD to use them. It is easy to open large assembly designs and take the parts you need.”