Massive time savings in production
Improved quality
Modularization of products and facilitating last minute changes
Minimization of construction errors

“The biggest benefits from using 3D Design with SolidWorks has been achieved in the production where the cycle time has been reduced significantly, because all the parts are ready made and fit perfectly together. We no longer have to wait for missing parts or make engineering changes during the production phase.”


VAK Oy is one of the largest transport equipment manufacturers in the Nordic countries. VAK Oy develops, produces and sells delivery cargo spaces, trailers, and semi-trailers for general carriage of goods. To the untrained eye, VAK’s products look pretty much alike, but in reality they are almost always customized to meet the different needs of the customers. It is often a great challenge to make customized changes to so-called “simple structures” and the changes can easily cause design errors.


VAK’s solution includes five SolidWorks Standard licenses and one SolidWorks Premium license with five Design configuration licenses. Everything is tied together with the PDM system.