Automated product development
Shortened design cycles
Improved product quality and accuracy
Extended product life and durability

“We are trying to be the market leader in our area, and in order to do that, we’ve got to have the right tools to help us analyse our products. In that sense, SolidWorks CAD software helps us a lot. It’s the right tool for us.”


Velux is the leading manufacturer of roof windows, blinds, skylights, and sun tunnels. The company operates design and manufacturing facilities, as well as distribution centres, around the world. The company’s product development organization needed to transition from its 2D design tools to a 3D CAD system in order to maintain and grow its large market share by automating product development, shortening design cycles, improving product quality, and extending the life of its products.


Velux chose SolidWorks CAD software because of its ease of use, global localized support, and advanced design visualization capabilities. The company also valued the strength of SolidWorks as a company. By deploying SolidWorks CAD software, Velux automated product development, shortened design cycles, improved product quality and accuracy, and extended product life and durability.