”SOLIDWORKS ir rīks, ar kuru visu laivu var uzmodelēt jau pirms ir izgatavota pati pirmā laivas detaļa. Nezinām, ar kuru citu programmatūru mēs varētu paveikt to pašu, jo SOLIDWORKS izmantošana mums ir ļoti dabīgs risinājums.”

“Jau no paša sākuma, darbs ar SOLIDWORKS bija pāsrteidzoši viegls un tūlītēji pieejams – mums nebija nepieciešamas padziļinātas apmācības, jo 3D pasaule kļuva vienkārši izprotama. Kā viens no mūsu darbiniekiem teica – pāreja uz SOLIDWORKS bija tas pats kas pārkāpt no VW Beetle uz Rolls Royce – viegli un neapšaubāmi. ”

“SolidWorks has provided us with a very flexible platform that enables our industrial designers and engineers to work together very effectively. The CAD system has made it possible for us to closely collaborate and standardize our processes so that one team member can easily continue the task where the other colleague left off.”

“SolidWorks Composer has helped us to eliminate an irritating bottleneck in the design process. It’s not only faster to develop assembly instructions with SolidWorks Composer, but it also allows us to complete the instructions earlier in the process, both of which help us accelerate delivery to the customer.”

“With SolidWorks my work is done so much faster. Sketching is quick and easy, relations management is very practical and all-in-all SolidWorks is really easy to use.”

”Because of the size, it was a big task to make up the complex grid (meshing), which forms the base. Strength calculations were carried out based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). The size of the grid made it necessary to perform very large calculations, but SolidWorks Simulation solved the task without problems.”

”The benefits of using SolidWorks becomes very obvious when I try out various new methods of design,especially when I am working on revising older designs that contain construction errors.”

“We are an innovation company and SolidWorks plays a decisive role in our development efforts. The 3D CAD system combined with FEM-analysis and motion simulation in SolidWorks Simulation is crucial in both design and engineering of our products.”