API Fundamentals

The goal of API Fundamentals course is to introduce you to the SOLIDWORKS Application Programming Interface (API). The API is used to automate redundant and lengthy design tasks using SOLIDWORKS software and to create completed engineering applications that can run both inside and outside of the SOLIDWORKS application.

Animations with SOLIDWORKS

The goal of Creating animations in SOLIDWORKS course is to teach you how to create animations using SOLIDWORKS assemblies. Animations are used to show how something works by adding motion and enhance the assembly appearance with visual effects.

Surface Modeling

The goal of Surface Modeling course is to explore many of the surfacing features inside SOLIDWORKS. Along with how to create and apply these surfacing features, additional features and methods commonly used in ergonomic and industrial designed models are also introduced.


The goal of Weldments course is to teach you to create Weldment parts and drawings in SOLIDWORKS. Weldment functions are designed for modeling structural members and are especially useful for creating frames and woodworking projects.