SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

Rent your software and lower costs upfront with flexible and scalable licensing options.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

What is SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing?

With SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing you can lower the upfront cost of SOLIDWORKS software. The licensing option allows for more flexible deployment options which can be very useful for e.g. start-ups, contractors, consultants etc.

Renting SOLIDWORKS software simply makes better sense when experiencing a short-term need. It gives you easy access to excellent tools and full flexibility at a low cost.

This licensing is an option that is available along with the traditional Perpetual licensing option.

The owners of Term License get the same full reseller support as Perpetual License customers on Subscription Service. They also have free access to MY SOLIDWORKS Professional, Certifications and SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

Customers can mix and match Term and Perpetual Licenses.

Software supported by SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

Standard Term Licence Professional Term Licence Premium Term Licence Boost Term Licence


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor Term License
SOLIDWORKS Composer Term License


Why consider SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing?

Are you a start-up, a consultant or just have a short-term need for SOLIDWORKS software and need to maximize your cash flow? Then SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is definitely a solution you should look into.

Do you recognize any of the following scenarios? If so, then you have good reasons to consider SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing.

• Working on short-term projects?
SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is an ideal solution if you work with short-term projects, or for a specific phase of a certain project. E.g. a specific software such as simulation can be needed to validate a design.

• Need to meet short-term requirements?
SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses can help you meet staffing requirements such as contract staff or interns that require SOLIDWORKS for a short-time period.

• Don’t want to exceed cash flow?
SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is a great way to ensure that you meet the needs of a new division or a new project that has been initiated and where cash-flow can be a concern.

• Starting a new business without much capital?
SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing can help you get started with SOLIDWORKS software at a minimum cost.


A license for companies with a short-term design requirement or new start-ups who need to preserve cash during the early stages of developing the business.

Important! You do not own the license – you are effectively renting it. Therefore, you need to consider how you will access design data after the Term license has expired.

SOLIDWORKS Perpetual License

A license for companies with a long-term design requirement. A perpetual SOLIDWORKS license is more cost effective over 3 years and more affordable to maintain subsequently.Important! You own the license. If you have a Perpetual SOLIDWORKS License plus a subscription, you will always have the latest and greatest software release available.

Short-term or long-term SOLIDWORKS license requirements?

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