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Gaidāmie notikumi

Vieta Datums Laiks Temats
Web 20.01.2022 11:30 AM Linear static simulation and materials, how does it work?
Web 27.01.2022 11:30 AM What is meshing and how to apply to a model?
Web 03.02.2022 11.30 AM How are parts interacting with each other?
Web 10.02.2022 11:30 AM How can we extract information from a Simulation?
Web 17.02.2022 11:30 AM What can we do with SOLIDWORKS Motion?

Bezmaksas webināru ieraksti

Atlasīt interesējošo tēmu

ThePrinterView – the fundamentals of 3D printing!

It is time to understand the fundamentals of 3D printing!

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3DEXPERIENCE Webinar – 3DX Creator and Sculptor

Watch the webinar and learn how to transform your product development with SOLIDWORKS cloud solutions!

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SOLIDWORKS PCB – Designing flexible Printed Circuit Boards

As the trend in product miniaturization is rapidly growing, electro-mechanical product designers are facing increased pressure to not only design densely populated Printed Circuit Boards but also to package them in tight mechanical enclosures. To meet these evolving requirements, product design teams are relying on rigid-flex circuits to meet their product performance and packaging.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation – Investigate the flow of gas and fluids

Understanding the flow of fluid or gas is hard and expensive to test physically. With SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation you can test your designs virtually on your SOLIDWORKS 3D model, which can save a huge amount of time and money compared to performing physical tests.

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60 SOLIDWORKS Tips in 60 Minutes

Watch this webinar to see 60 tips for SOLIDWORKS users only in 60 minutes!

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3DEXPERIENCE – a cloud-based platform that can help you develop products faster with fewer errors

Learn how a cloud-based platform can help you develop products faster with fewer errors.

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Introducing the 3D EXPERIENCE cloud platform

Learn how to collaborate easily across your entire organization by using the new 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform solution.

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The PrinterView with OsloMet – Norwegian youth designing for the future.

We are partnering up with Norwegian university’s OsloMet expert to explore the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing!

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The PrinterView – 3D Printed Applications

A walkthrough of some of the most common 3D printed applications.

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The Printerview – Postprocessing 3D printed parts with DyeMansion

With an increasing number of companies now using 3D printing for volume production, there is a growing need for reliable and automated solutions for postprocessing 3D printed parts.

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The Printerview: How to build an efficient 3D printing workflow for volume production

When moving into industrial 3D printing and volume printing, you need to optimize the whole production process to stay efficient and deliver on time, from file preparation to 3D printing and postprocessing.

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How to get your products on the market faster

Watch the webinar and learn how to introduce new, better and more attractive products to the market.

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Data management on the cloud

Watch the webinar and learn how you can get started with 3DEXPERIENCE!

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Kas Jauns SOLIDWORKS 2022

Šajā divu daļu vebinārā mēs prezentējam SOLIDWORKS 2022 jaunās funkcijas un uzlabojumus.

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PDM mākonī

Uzzini, kā aizsargāt savus SOLIDWORKS failus 3DEXPERIENCE platformā, izmantojot integrētu datu pārvaldības risinājumu mākonī.

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Connect your CAD tool to data management on the cloud

Millions of designers trust SOLIDWORKS to develop products from concepts through to reality. Now you can connect SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE, a unified, cloud-based platform of product development tools.

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Helping startups to launch rockets to the sky

Starting a business from the ground up can be tough. How do you design a product, test it, prepare it for manufacturing and launch a business and brand – all on a shoestring budget? During this webinar, we will introduce the start-ups program and highlight its benefits.

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Break the Barriers with Virtual Testing

If your design doesn’t work in the real world, it’s a failure – a basic principle that every engineer wants to avoid, but how? Our customers use virtual testing to break through real-world challenges.

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SOLIDWORKS CAM: Integrated Design and Manufacturing

Are you looking for ways to streamline and automate your manfufacturing process? Watch the webinar recording where Marcus Olsson talks about CAM programming inside SOLIDWORKS.

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Introduction of 3D Experience PLM Services for SOLIDWORKS

Learn about the new PLM Services for SOLIDWORKS users.

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Ar Virtuālo Testēšanu strādā gudrāk, nevis smagāk

Skaties šajās vebināru sērijās, kā pilnībā pārvaldīt savu produktu izmantojot virtuālo testēšanu un kā uzsākt darbu.

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