Transitioned without any delays
Saved time with easy-to-learn software
Reduced development time of new series of furniture

“Initially, designing in 3D required more work, but thanks to the simplicity of SolidWorks the way to finding the ‘right’ design is shorter.”


Kinnarps is the largest manufacturer of office furniture in Europe. Kinnarps provides interior workspace solutions for offices and public environments. The company wanted to maintain their position as market leader and develop the right products in the right time. They needed an easy-to-use 3D software solution that could be smoothly implemented throughout the whole company in a short time.


“We were able to transition to SolidWorks® CAD software without any delays. With the easy to learn software, we saved time and were able to get ahead of our competitors. We also reduced development time of new series of furniture,” Johan Ström, Designer